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Complete Carpet Care Services in New Brunswick

Most carpets can look clean and spotless at a casual glance. But they can still be withholding between their layers a collection of dirt mites, dust, chemical pollutants, germs, and allergens. This makes a strict cleaning regimen vital for proper carpet care. New Brunswick’s Professional Carpet Systems specializes in carpet and upholstery cleaning services and can provide you with quality work. Contact us if you are looking to get rid of a hard stain on your home or business carpet, upholstery, and floor tiles.

Services Offered

Routine maintenance helps reduce wear and can extend the life of your carpet. Turn to our experienced, our cleaning professionals help restore the freshness and preserve the value of your carpets and favourite upholstery. All our services are available with Scotchgard™ protection, please ask us when booking your appointment!

carpet cleaning
pet in carpet
carpet cleaning

Full-service carpet cleaning

Full-service upholstery cleaning

Carpet stretching

Bleach repair

Carpet dyeing

Steam cleaning

Small patch burn repair

Natural stone cleaning and care

Deodorizing for harsh odours

Pet odour removal

Tile and grout cleaning

Area rug cleaning and stain removal

Pickup and delivery of area rugs

Our 10 Step Healthy Home Cleaning Process

Please note that some steps are optional.

Dry Soil Removal (a fancy way to say “vacuuming”): PRE-VACUUMING is a CRITICAL STEP to healthy cleaning. We remove as much of the dry-soil as possible BEFORE we add water.

Pre-treatment of Concerning Spots: By treating trouble areas BEFORE cleaning it allows extra time for the detergents to break up the pesky soil and work magic.

ECO-FRIENDLY Pre-Spray Applied: The pre-spray goes to work immediately to loosen and dissolve soils, spots and spills.

Agitation: We agitate the soils and grit in your carpet too – only in our safe and unique way.

At this point, if requested by our client, we apply a deodorizer.

We Move Your Furniture (if requested)

Thorough RINSING WITH HOT / SOFT WATER: This removes all the broken up & loose soil, sand, grit & grime. Professional Carpet Systems uses Hot Water Extraction (HWE). It’s the only cleaning method recommended by Shaw, Mohawk, and other carpet manufacturers to deep clean carpeting. At over 190 degrees, the hot water sanitizes as it rinses the carpet clean.

Carpet Protector is RE-APPLIED: (Recommended but not required)

Furniture is Reset and Styrofoam Blocks / Plastic Tabs Are Placed under the Legs: Since the carpet is still slightly wet at this point, we won’t risk damaging your home furnishings or your carpet to staining.

Carpet Grooming & Nap Setting: Carpets are groomed for better drying and if protection is applied, for better coverage.

Contact us for any query or more information about our services. We look forward to serving you.

Pets on Carpets Can be Risky

Our odour and pet stain removal services can help you.

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